Perfect Potty, Inc. is a family owned business and was created to make the whole portable restroom experience a bit nicer than what people would normally expect. Having a sister company, Adventure Party Rentals, Ltd., we cater to those who are having either a backyard party, outdoor corporate event, and or your typical construction site. Being in the rental industry, Perfect Potty, Inc. knows the demands of the customer and strives to meet each one in a timely fashion. Whether the request is "I need a pink potty at my house in 20 minutes" to "I need an extra service this week, can you fit me in?" Perfect Potty, Inc. will meet all of the customers needs.

We felt by taking all of the necessary amenities from your home washroom that makes it a comfortable place to be in and putting them in our portable restrooms will make it a more enjoyable experience. For example, in each of our potties we have apple cinnamon air freshener, mirrors for the ladies and a mat to wipe your feet and welcome you in! Coat hooks are also available for purses and coats, and shelves to hold your beverages. We also thought for those events that last into the evenings and wee hours of the night it might be nice to "see where you are going" so we added lights into the equation. Last but not least, it's always nice to have seperate potties for both genders, so we thought "Blue for the Men" and "Pink for the Ladies" this way your guests and customers
will always "know where to go!"

Our goal is to over exceed our customers expectations for the Portable Restroom World and have only
"Potties at their best."



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